Price Guide

First of all, thank you for considering us for your current project. Our over twenty-years experience in corporate photography and film has taught us that our clients appreciate knowing in advance how much it will cost so we hope this guide will answer some of your questions. Please note every quote we issue provides a breakdown of each of the following categories.


Pricing: Our corporate photography and film fees are based upon a full or half-day. Half-day rates (up to four-hours) are priced at $900 and full-day rates (up to eight-hours) are priced at $1650. This also includes unlimited photographs and/or film capture.

Studio Hire: $275 per half-day

The Finished Product: Expenses for perfecting and supplying the finished product(s) are as follows:

  • Specialised Fine Art retouching of photographs (per-hour) $165
  • One 30-60 second feature film (designed for a website and/or social media) $425
  • Five 30-60 second feature films (designed for a website and/or social media) $1750
  • One two-minute feature film (designed as a business/company profile) $1250
  • Custom products for photography and/or film are also available upon request

Expenses: Billable expenses may include (but are not limited to) assistant’s fees, hire, travel, accommodation, outsourced expertise (ie: printing) and rental of any specialised equipment.

Professionally Insured: We have a comprehensive insurance policy which among other things includes twenty-million-dollars of public liability cover.

Deposit: A 30% deposit is required before a project can commence.

All pricing includes GST.


We edit every project and deliver the best of every assignment. We retain the copyright to all photographs and/or film DC Images executes for an assignment, while giving the client the usage rights and as many of the images as are needed for the client’s use. We supply the technical and artistic ability to illustrate an idea photographically and/or through film and we are selling the right to produce those illustrations. Among the rights we retain is the right to resell all non-proprietary images but we do not exercise this right until one year after the publication date of the original project, thereby giving the client the exclusive use and impact for that period of time.

Call the studio on 02 9482 4838 or Dale personally on 0404 010 922 to discuss your corporate photography and film needs today.

Alternatively, you might like to send us an email so we can forward a detailed price guide and copies of our current insurance policies & certifications.