For some businesses professional commercial photography is not something they look for every second week and understandably some of them have a lot of questions with regards to how it all works.

We have answered the more common questions here however if you have a query with regards to something not talked about please call the studio on 02 9482 4838 or email us at info@dcimages.com.au as we are more than happy to answer your question(s).

How many photographers do you have?

This also answers the question of “who will be our photographer?” We have regularly provided multiple professional photographers however unless otherwise arranged Dale, the owner of DC Images will be your photographer.

How big is the team you work with?

This will depend upon the shoot/your requirements but generally speaking on the day it would be one photographer and one assistant.

Will you hold a shoot date while we decide?

Yes. Complete the appropriate form and a shooting date will be held, however please note that if you cancel within two-weeks of any confirmed date, we will charge a half-day fee for each day cancelled. If you cancel within one week of a scheduled day, we will charge a full-day fee for each day cancelled. For a copy of our standard terms & conditions just pop us through an email.

Are you insured?

Absolutely, among other insurance policies we have public liability insurance for ten-million dollars.

What digital format do you provide us with?

Through various camera formats we always capture RAW files however we normally provide our existing corporate customers fully perfected and genuine high resolution TIFF and/or JPEG files.

How much time should we allow for planning a shoot?

We like hearing this question simply because the old chest nut “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” always applies with professional photography. In short, the amount of time needed will depend entirely upon the shoot being carried out but the more we talk beforehand the less we will have to worry about when it really counts.

How many photographs do you take/do we get?

Again, this will depend entirely upon the shoot being carried out and will be finalised during the preparation. Always bear in mind however that the idea will be quality not quantity.

Do we get every single photo that you take on the day?

Generally yes, we do delete the odd image on the day where we may have tested the exposure in a difficult lighting environment or when a person has clearly blinked in the shot.

Do you store/archive the digital files?

Yes. Every digital file/photograph we ever take is archived onto external hard-drives and these are stored both on and off site.

Do you include prints?

We are more than happy to but generally our existing client’s simply request the digital files.

Are you able to tailor a shoot/quote to suit our exact needs?

Absolutely, just let us know what you are looking for and we will put together something to suit.

How long after the shoot date should we expect to wait to get our photos?

It can be one week or less but in cases where special requests are made turnaround times can be more. Again, depending upon your needs turnaround times will vary.

How do we book?

Simply complete the booking form and pay the agreed deposit – for new client bookings a minimum 50% deposit is required, all existing clients the deposit is 30%.

What kind of camera do you use?

Predominately Nikon & Sony D-SLR

What sort of lighting do you use?

In short, natural light or the imitation of natural light wherever possible. We use off camera flash and LED panels regularly and we also have a full studio lighting set-up that is completely mobile, ie: we can bring the studio to you.

What software do you use primarily?

Adobe, ie: Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Illustrator and InDesign

DC Images - Sydney Commercial Photography
DC Images - Sydney Commercial Photography

We hope that the above has helped to answer some of your questions with regards to our corporate photography & film.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions. Call us on 02 9482 4838 or email us at info@dcimages.com.au.

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