About DC Images


DC Images is the life dream of yours truly (aka Dale) and was created in 1996 before establishing itself in Sydney in 2003.

Taking things a step further everything I have experienced in life comes to bear in my work and I have been fortunate enough to build a studio that includes a group of talented professionals who love to observe how people live as much as I do – capturing their history, their story, their traditions. We love to capture people engaged in reality, I believe this is an incredibly important aspect of all our work as it allows us to elicit moments of genuine spontaneity that bring a real sense of freedom to our images.

To us a successful image is not just one you hang on the wall or admire in an expertly edited video clip – it is something that fixes inside your mind and stays there.

Personally and in no particular order I love capturing pictures, pure and simple. I love my amazing wife (#punchingabovehisweight) and two awesome sons. I love our studio’s longevity and the meeting of so many fantastic people during that time. Most of all I love the experiences my life time of being behind the camera has given me.


In the commitment to service excellence the following is a list of our recent awards and achievements.


Granted an ASSOCIATE membership with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

Seven Australian Professional Photography Awards.

Eleven Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards.


Six Creative Asia Awards over the wedding open, travel and wedding photojournalism categories.

Eight International Loupe Awards in the wedding, travel and illustrative categories